Benbecula - Morrison

Private Archibald Morrison

Son of Angus and Mary Morrison, of Benbecula, Gregorry, South Uist.
Last known address in Benbecula: Creagorry
Military unit: 1st Cameron Highlanders
Service number: 21051
Date of death: 23 July 1916 at the age of 40
Interred: St Sever Cemetery, Rouen, grave A. 27. 1
Local memorial: Benbecula

Serjeant J Morrison
Last known address in Benbecula: Benbecula
Military unit: Cameron Highlanders
Date of death: not known
Local memorial: Benbecula

Last known address in Benbecula: Creagorry
Service unit: 1st Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Service number: 3/2909
Date of death: 9 May 1915
Killed in action
Memorial: Le Touret Memorial, panel 41 and 42
Local memorial: Benbecula
Private Neil Morrison
Son of William and Catherine Morrison, of Uachdar, Nunton, Benbecula
Last known address in Benbecula: Uachdar
Military unit: 5th Cameron Highlanders
Service number: 3/5175
Date of death: 9 October 1915 at the age of 32
Interred: Cologne Southern Cemetery, VII. D. 21
Local memorial: Benbecula

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